14 things you won’t hear successful people say

In listening to what successful people have been saying and what they haven’t been saying, it turns out they share a common attitude, while most people complain about the economy politics finances etc…

Successful people are busy taking action creating their success as you are listening to this list consider whether or not you say some of these things if you do you may want to work on shifting your point of view.

So here are 14 phrases you won’t hear successful people say:

1. My dreams and goals can wait

Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a week and underestimate what they can achieve in a year time is funny that way have you ever noticed one moment you can feel like you have ample time to accomplish things and the next moment realize that you’re running behind.

Successful people feel a sense of urgency a drive that propels them forward as though every day starts at zero and it’s a race to see what they can get done especially regarding their professional success because of this drive they act decisively and rarely procrastinate.

2. I’m completely overwhelmed

Successful people are very good at protecting their time and making sure they have enough energy to do the things that matter most, on the one hand, they are great at saying no when requests that don’t match their values and priorities arise.

On the other hand they say yes to things that give them energy and prevent burnout, carving out time for high-quality self care such as nutrition, exercise and sleep.

3. I already paid my dues

You won’t find a successful person sitting around complaining with an attitude of entitlement.

They understand life’s checks and balances, they pay their dues in a day in and day out occurrence, they have no problem rolling up their sleeves and getting a little dirty.

They find it satisfying because good old fashioned work create tangible evidence, that they’re one step closer to accomplishing their goal.

4. I don’t have enough time

You won’t find a successful person running out of time.
Because the fact of the matter is they like to get ahead of every game, take an average person for example.

Give them a task and one week to complete it often they will instinctively adjust their effort, so that the task actually takes the entire week to complete.

Now take a successful person they don’t let the confines of a deadline determine how long it takes to get things done, they use their time effectively, accomplishing tasks as quickly as they can.

While still maintaining quality and integrity when they finish early they use what’s left of their time to work on other tasks. they are excellent time managers preparing their future hours, weeks, months and years ahead they make time work for them instead of the other way around.

5. I don’t have the right connections

Just as kind people want to be around other kind people, hard-working people want to be around other hard-working people.

So why hang around with complainers, deadbeats or people that drive you nuts, you can blame them but the common denominator in this equation is you.

Whether these people are in your personal or professional life they’re there because you drew them to you and let them remain.

Think about the types of people you want to work with, the types of customers you would enjoy serving and the kinds of friends you wish to have, the choice is in your hands if you want to build the right connections you’re going to have to make a change.

6. I’m not lucky I never win or things never go my way

Successful people don’t wait for someone to feather their nest or give them the green, light they instinctively know that they create their own luck and opportunities by being prepared and keeping an optimistic mindset.

Being optimistic helps you stay clear minded and energized so that you can take steps in the right direction, as a result, more opportunities are naturally available to you.

7. I’ll do it later

just like most people successful people aren’t always in the mood to do everything on their to-do list, but instead of procrastinating they get in the mood and take action.

Because they focus on their goals and they understand that things only get done by taking action, successful people have a prioritization system they execute priorities of the highest importance and tasks that are not a necessity are either delegated or simply ignored.

8. I’m not talented enough to be successful

A successful person uses a setback as an opportunity to become better, they have self doubts like anyone else but instead of burying their head in the sand they create a plan to use the setback for the opportunity that it is.

it’s important to know what your strengths and weaknesses, are keep track of fluctuations so when challenges arise you already have a plan in place to improve.

9. This sucks

You rarely catch a successful person indulging in a bad attitude, it’s simply too much of a time killer you can’t let one bad incident ruin all that is good.
You must realize that the way you respond to things is your choice so don’t let people’s criticisms or the drama’s of life derail you.

Just because you fake a smile to get through the day doesn’t mean you’re condoning what’s happening it just means you’re tough enough to take it with a grain of salt and keep pushing forward also don’t be afraid to leave negative people behind.

Successful people honor and respect themselves and move on from people who don’t.

10. There’s no such thing as a new idea anymore

It’s easy to think that everything has been done before and that your idea is not that revolutionary.

but don’t forget we are in a changing market and new lucrative ideas are popping up all the time, these ideas often apply solutions that have worked from one industry to another many successful businesses today are combining technology with time-tested business models and applying them with massive success.

To industries that have been lacking innovation these include transportation, hospitality and music services just to name a few.

11. I’m an impostor and one day people will figure it out

Imposter syndrome is when you feel like a fraud ,you doubt your accomplishments and don’t think that you’re as good as you portray yourself to be.

This feeling often occurs in people who have recently found success, however it is dangerous to allow self-destructive thoughts to fort your progress, real success requires drive energy commitment and a lot of passion, to be successful you need to be motivated to take on the challenge of big goals.

And it can only be done through perseverance and dedication you have to throw away any thoughts of self-doubt that can set you back and you need to find the strength to build your confidence.

12. I hope I make it big someday

hoping is pointless unless you do something about it, don’t hope instead do commit yourself to the big picture by beginning with projects where you have a good chance of success.

Seeing yourself making progress will motivate you to keep going, look for projects that offer challenges that are enticing to you, if you focus on the right things you won’t need to hope each action you take will bring you closer to the success you’re dreaming about and it will only be a matter of time.

13. I missed my chance

It’s important to remember that everything is temporary even your failures and mistakes, so try to laugh at your troubles and live in the moment molding the clay of your life is about enjoying it as it unfolds, take the reins or someone else might take them for you there’s no taking back the past you can only move forward if you keep looking for ways to adapt and learn.

You can always create a better tomorrow an while you might not be where you thought you’d be by now know that you are exactly where you need to be to take the next best step, it’s never too late to become what you might have been.

14. I’m satisfied

Successful people have high standards for themselves and they never really feel content, yes they feel a momentary sense of satisfaction each time they accomplish something, but the fire to accomplish more flares up again jump-starting them into action.

They are continually looking for ways to expand or to grab that next big opportunity, there’s always another peak they want to attain discover explore or become.

Okay look it’s not easy to become successful even if you say all the right things all the time and obviously there’s a lot more to it than just watching what you say but it’s crucial not to handicap yourself with negativity as this will only hold you back.

So which of these phrases surprised you the most? Are you guilty of saying any of them? let us!