6 Ways To Make Your Morning Commute Happier

For many people, there’s no part of the day more dreadful, Being stuffed on a crowded train or bus is nauseating, Especially when it’s moving slowly, and you’re late.

Let’s talk about 6 Ways To Make Your Morning Commute Happier.

Do I make conversation? How important is coffee?

Wait, I need to keep a diary? We’re talking all that AND more…

1. Writing In A Journal.

Writing your thoughts down is one of the best ways to stay sane. If you’re stuck on a bus with a long way to go, writing in your journal can save you. Is there an important work assignment due later in the day?

Studies show that journaling can actually reduce stress by helping you get rid of negative thoughts. It’s even shown to be useful to crumple your paper up in a ball and throw it away after writing. In a way, this symbolizes clearing your mind. Have you ever heard of the amygdala?

This is the part of the brain which controls the intensity of your emotions. Brain scans have indicated that writing in a journal will reduce activity in the amygdala. This is why you feel so much better afterwards. By journaling, I don’t mean you need to carry a giant book everywhere you go. It’s 2020.

You can jot yor morning thoughts into the notes on your phone if you’d like. This of course applies best to that exhausting commute you endure on the bus or subway. Sometimes it’s best to gather your thoughts while staring out the window. Maybe even observe the things you see onboard.

What are the other passengers doing? What do they look like? What are your thoughts at this very moment?

It’s your journal. Whatever you write is your little secret.

2. Listen to Music.

If you’re not in the writing mood, why don’t you just lay back in your seat with your earbuds in. It’s great to listen to music and escape from reality for a bit. This is certainly my favorite pastime while commuting. Much like keeping a journal, research has pointed towards plenty of great benefits that music provides. For one, listening to music can decrease your stress level and put your mind in a much calmer state.

We all have times where we wake up anxious about the day ahead. For many people, it’s a constant feeling. What better way to ease your anxiety than to listen to some soothing tunes. By the way, emphasis on the word “soothing”. You don’t want to be listening to something loud and angry. It may just have the opposite effect from what’s intended.

It’s not just music that can come to your rescue in these times. Thanks to our magical phones, the quick touch of a keypad allows us to access more content than we can handle. If you’re on your morning commute, perhaps you can listen to something funny. If you have a podcast subscription, catch up on that. Listening to a public figure rant about their problems into a microphone is a therapeutic way of dealing with your own. By the way, this also applies to those driving to work.

Your blind hatred for those holding up traffic might dissipate with the sound of a good beat.

3. Talk to Someone.

This pick is not for everyone. Only certain people are the talkative type. And it takes a certain personality to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. The uninviting setting of a crowded bus doesn’t exactly scream “meet new people”.

I’m not saying to spill your grievances to the person sitting next to you. How about saying something along the lines of “Nice weather we’re having.” Or if it’s gross outside, maybe even say “Rotten day out there!” Or how about even “hello.” Nerve wracking isn’t?

A kind greeting alone is enough to catch someone off guard these days. Whatever your opener is, this is a great method of breaking out of your shell. We often spend our days keeping to ourselves, too afraid to make a connection. When you start your morning too shy to speak to people, it usually lays groundwork for a boring and lonely day ahead. Give it a go and talk to someone.

4. Change Your Route.

This is a way to really switch up your commute. Taking the same route to work day in, day out is exhausting. It makes you hate travelling to work. Staring out the window to see the same boring scenery is enough to have you dozing off. It’s less of a way to keep yourself busy, and more of a way to miss your stop.

Here’s a personal example: To get to work in the morning, I used to take an hour long bus ride. This travelled uptown on a single road. After a while, a new construction job added an extra half hour to my commute, since the road was reduced to one lane. My ride to work became unbearably slow.

The way home was even worse, since all I wanted to do was fall asleep. You know how uncomfortable it is to shut your eyes on a bus, I’d always be worried that my head would fall on someone’s shoulder. Soon after, I realized that a change was in order. I decided that I would find a new route to work and take the subway instead. While it certainly wasn’t as scenic, it allowed me to expand my horizons. I could now label myself a subway commuter.

City life at its finest. Now I’m aware that most people do not have rapid transit in their town. If this is the case, try changing bus routes. Not only will you find yourself in a different setting, you may also get to work much quicker.

5. Meditate.

Now I’m not talking about sitting in the middle of a train aisle and blocking people’s way. That mysterious, funky odor has passengers aggravated enough. If listening to music and writing in a journal is out of the question, try to sit back in your seat and meditate.

There is a misconception about meditation. You don’t have to sit on the floor with your legs crossed and hum for an hour. Meditation is the act of gaining mental clarity by focusing on a particular object, thought or activity, However you choose to do that is up to you.

Your ride to work in the morning could be the perfect method. If you’re alone, sit back, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. If you’re driving to work, this is something you’ll want to avoid. I don’t know too many drivers who can pull off swerving in and out of lanes with their eyes closed. Unless you’ve entered the Matrix or something.

Studies have shown that frequent meditation can help reduce anxiety and depression. Meditating can also benefit your thought process, quality of sleep and general mood. A quick meditation session with breathing exercises is ideal preparation for the day ahead. You never know what you’ll encounter during the work day. What seems like an easy shift, can erupt into chaos at the drop of a dime.

6. Get Coffee.

Do you like hot beverages in the morning?
I’m talking about something that gives your engine that proper jump. One of the things I look forward to before a work day is stopping by my favourite coffee shop and grabbing a cup. This normally happens after I hop off the train.

There’s something that feels so rewarding about it. I didn’t really even have to do anything. While it’s smart to keep tabs on the amount of coffee you’re drinking, limiting your intake to one cup should pose a huge problem.

When you’re feeling tired, some caffeine will supply you with that much-needed energy boost. Coffee also carries a ton of other awesome benefits. If your job requires you to be moving around constantly, it can allow you to keep aware and enhance your physical performance.

On the health side, a moderate amount of coffee holds no shortage of benefits. It holds several important nutrients, Take Vitamin B for example: Who knew it could also help you burn fat, and lower your risk of type-2 diabetes If you’re feeling generous on any particular day, feel free to grab coworkers coffee as well. It might be a good lead-in to that morning conversation.

Do you enjoy your morning commute?