15 Weird Phobias That Actually Exist

1. Anthophobia.

Most people are happy to receive flowers but some people actually fear them.

Sufferers experience anxiety, even though they realized that flowers pose no threat. Any genus or species of flowers and any flower part such as a peddler stamp can instill fear in those suffering from Anthophobia.

2. Spectrophobia.

Spectrophobia is a strong fear of mirrors or reflections, usually of one’s self.

This strange phobia may also include an extreme fear of ghosts or spirits.

3. Ithyphallophobia.

This phobia must be hard to deal with, since it is the fear of having, seeing, or thinking about an erect penis. This phobia can cause panic attacks. It can even affect your sex life!

Though this phobia may come in handy on one of those nights… Ladies, please don’t start using this phobia as an excuse.

4. Trypophobia.

Sufferers of Trypophobia fear objects with small holes. According to new research, these people associate holes with danger.

Examples of feared objects include a honeycomb, sponges, and any plant with small holes in it.

5. Chaetophobia.

Fear strikes when sufferers of this phobia think about or come into contact with anything hair related.

The fear associated with Chaetophobia can range in severity, from fear of stray hair on the floor, to full-blown terror at the sight of any hair, human or animal. They may also fear the hair on their own body.

6. Haphephobia.

Nope, this is not about ‘half a phobia’, this is actually a sad and a rare type of fear of being touched by someone else.

These people have a persistent and unexplained fear of being touched by anyone. Haphephobia can be truly devastating to live with.

7. Ablutophobia.

People with Ablutophobia have one thing in common with cats. Neither of them is particularly fond of taking a bath. This phobia is the persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning.

While generally men are associated with untidiness, this fear is ironically seen in women.

8. Omphalophobia.

Sufferers of this strange phobia report feeling disgusted or fearful by the presence of navels.

These people connect belly buttons with the womb and the umbilical cord and are repulsed by their appearance, often to the point where they cannot look at or touch a bellybutton, including their own.

9. Somniphobia.

Sufferers of Somniphobia are genuinely afraid to fall asleep.
Their irrational and excessive fear maybe a fear of losing control or losing time. Many of these suffers believe that they will never wake up or they will die in their sleep.

Others fear the lack of control they have while sleeping or the repetitive nightmares they may have.

10. Globophobia.

Globophobia is the intense fear of balloons, as well as the popping sound they make when they burst.

Generally, Globophobics will refuse to touch, feel, or go near a balloon with the fear that it will pop. These people deliberately avoid all parties or special occasions that may involve balloons as decorations.

11. Ombrophobia.

People with this phobia have an abnormal fear of rain which can cause severe anxiety attacks.

It is thought to be triggered by a number of factors, including the fact that children are often told not to go out in the rain because it will make them sick.

12. Pogonophobia.

Pogonophobia is the fear of beards. Some sufferers associate the rugged beard look with the lack of personal hygiene.

These people also combine these feelings with mild OCD-like symptoms which manifest as a fear of beards or facial hair.

13. Pedophobia.

Pedophobia is defined as an abnormal and persistent condition that surfaces when the sufferer is around a child or children.

Excessive anxiety will occur whenever these people are forced to interact with children or be around them.

14. Barophobia.

The strange, overwhelming and irrational fear of gravity is known as Barophobia. Those who fear this natural force will feel overpowered by its strength and its effects on the world around them.

Barophobia may stem from a fear of feeling pulled down or oppressed.

15. Ergophobia.

Ergophobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of work or finding employment. It could arise due to performance anxiety or social phobia.

So next time you miss a day of work, try telling your boss that you’ve suddenly developed Ergophobia. You might just get away with it!
Do you know any other strange phobias?