Top 15 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

We all dream, whether we remember the next day or not.

Our dreams are usually reflections of what’s going on in our waking life.
Here’s our list of the most common dreams and their meanings.

1. Falling Dream.

Feeling yourself falling in a dream indicates that you’re holding on to a certain situation in your life.

This dream is a sign that you need to relax and trust in yourself and others. Allow everything to just fall into place.

2. Being Chased in a Dream.

This dream suggests that you’re actually running from a situation or a problem that needs your attention.

There’s an issue in your waking life that you will want to confront but you don’t know how to.

3. Dream About Death.

Dreams about death and dying symbolize that some kind of dramatic change is going on in your life.

Symbolically, it represents the end of something in order to start something new.

4. Flying Dream.

When you’re flying in your dream, it means that you feel empowered.
You have released yourself from circumstances that have been weighing you down.

Things are finally looking up.

5. Naked in a Dream.

Nudity in a dream suggests that there’s a situation in your waking life that’s making you feel vulnerable and exposed.

Dreams about being naked in public are common to people who are facing a new challenge in their lives.

6. Falling Teeth Dream.

A falling teeth dream may be rooted in a fear of being embarrassed.

Perhaps you worry about making a fool of yourself. A certain situation is definitely causing your confidence to crumble.

7. Unprepared Exam Dream.

If you have a dream where you’re not prepared for an exam, it means that you’re critically examining yourself in your life.

You may feel that you’re not prepared to take on an important life challenge.

8. Baby Dream.

A baby in a dream symbolizes the start of something new. It could be anything, such as a new idea, or a new creative project.

This dream indicates new possibilities and potential for growth in multiple areas of your life.

9. Being Late in a Dream.

Being late in a dream indicates that you’re losing an important opportunity in your real life. You’re overwhelmed and live with too much stress.

You need to slow down and find more time for yourself.

10. Sex in a Dream.

In most cases, sex in a dream is not about a physical union.

It’s about a psychological union you need or want with the person in your dream. Or, merging a particular quality that person has into your own personality.

11. Cheating Partner Dream.

As upsetting as this dream can be, it rarely indicates that your partner is cheating.

Instead, it suggests that something rather than someone is taking the time and attention from your mate that you feel you deserve. You may be dealing with trust issues.

12. Unable To Find a Toilet Dream.

This dream represents that there’s an issue in your waking life, where you’re finding it challenging to express your own needs.

It’s time to spend more time looking after your own needs, rather than the needs of others.

13. Water Dream.

A calm body of water reflects inner peace and positive expectations, while a choppy ocean can suggest unease and even worries about the future.

14. Out of Control Vehicle Dream.

A dream where your vehicle is out of control, means that you’ve lost control of something in your waking life.

So, ask yourself what in your life has gotten out of hand lately.

15. Roads in a Dream.

Dreaming about roads represents your direction in life.

This particular dream may suggest that perhaps it’s time to question your current life path.

Do you ever experience having any of these dreams? What do they represent to you?