12 Things That Happen When You Start Living Your Passion And Purpose

Humans – we have so many amazing abilities and strengths – but the power of choice is probably one of our greatest.

In most parts of the world, we get to decide how we want to live our lives – whether to get married or not, whether to pursue academics, or be an apprentice and eventually become a qualified professional.

In all, the amazing thing about our power of choice is that we are actually responsible for crafting our own futures.

Even though everyone has this amazing ability, there are many people who live their lives based on the dictates of family, friends or society.

They allow the opinion of others to override their own ability to make choices – failing to live true to themselves.

Fortunately, it is possible to live according to your beliefs and honor your calling. Here are 12 things that happen when you start living your passion and purpose.

1. You Expand Your Comfort Zone.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to suddenly give up everything to pursue your purpose and passion. Actually, you might not have to stop doing the things you’re currently doing to be able to live your dreams.

There’s no rush, and you’re in no competition with anyone. So, take your time as you gradually introduce and familiarize yourself with the new path you want to take.

Then, gradually expand your comfort zone until you become totally comfortable with pursuing your passion and give it your full attention.

2 .Your Self-Confidence Will Increase.

Nobody likes rejection. We always want people to accept us the way we are, and this is what we look forward to in our everyday relationships. But when you don’t readily express who you truly are, how will you be accepted?

Ever wonder why those who copy and pursue the passions of others – instead of living theirs – usually lack in self-confidence? It’s because they are not living based on their beliefs.

When you live your purpose and refuse to yield to pressures, you become more confident and comfortable with yourself.

3. You Achieve Personal Growth.

There are always uncertainties surrounding our abilities and the future. There’s nothing wrong with having occasional doubts about what you can achieve. After all, we’re only human, and no one knows what tomorrow has in store. Yet, this shouldn’t stop you from pushing yourself beyond doubts to achieve all that you can.

In fact, in the pursuit of your passion, you discover and develop innate skills and abilities that will aid in your success and growth.

People who do this, end up achieving things they never thought possible – and that’s what personal growth is about – pushing beyond limitations to achieve success.

4. You Experience Fulfillment In Your Work.

Waking up each day just to grind for the sake of survival is exhausting. People who live this way – instead of doing the things they love – are often drained in every way – mentally, emotionally and sometimes even financially.

When you start living your passion and doing the things you love, you find fulfilment in your work and that’s the only way to fill the void that running the “rat race” causes.

5. You Master Work-Life Balance.

There’s a common belief that work needs to be balanced with everyday life, but that is often only true for people who are not doing what they love to do.

When you’re pursuing your passion, your work no longer feels like work because you would do it for free.

Your life feels balanced when you’re living your purpose and pursuing your passions. That’s what happens when you do what you love.

6. You Expand Your Worldview.

One of the things that the rat race does to you is that it limits and restricts your worldview. You won’t often be able to see beyond the black and white of hustling for your income and then spending it. But when you pursue your passions, your open-mindedness helps you gain a better understanding of the world.

You become better attuned to sense underlying challenges that plague everyday life, and you even gain insight into other things which you will eventually find relevant.

When your world view expands, it has a positive effect on your career and everyday life – and you also become more productive.

7. You Manifest Positive Attractions.

The vibes we give off – knowingly or unknowingly – often determine the kind of people we attract to ourselves. So, how will you attract the right kind of people if you aren’t true to yourself?

Yes, your passions and interests may be very different from other peoples’ – sometimes even weird – but living according to your true beliefs and passion will attract the right kind of people.

When you reveal who you truly are, you tend to meet more like-minded individuals. And while some of your previous relationships may be affected when you decide to step out of your shell, you shouldn’t let them hold you back from living an authentic life.

8. You Become A kinder Person.

Your passion is probably going to benefit a lot of people.
The world is connected in ways beyond our imaginations, and we all carry a spark that ignites the flame in others.

Once you start living your purpose, you become a kinder person because you find the peace and fulfilment you’ve been searching for – and this will undoubtedly rub off on your interactions with others.

9. You Unleash Your Creativity.

There’s a temptation in walking a familiar path. People often assume it’s more secure to do the same things many others have done before, rather than to venture off into uncharted territory. But security can really stifle creativity.

There’s not much creativity in doing the same things many others have previously done. To fulfil your dreams and succeed in pursuing your passion, you will have to really step up your game, come up with fresh ideas and unleash your creativity.

This kind of path can sometimes be lonely, but your belief in yourself is key to realizing your dreams.

10. You Conquer Your Fears.

Fear is a great killer of passion. Probably the greatest, When you entertain fears and certain doubts, you start to procrastinate. You keep looking for a better time and waiting till you’re more experienced. But, there is no better time to start pursuing your passion than now.

Do not give into your fears. You can learn all the lessons you need while following your purpose. In conquering your fears, you find the strength to be all you can be.

11. You Gain Clarity – Despite Uncertainties.

You may not be certain about how living your passion will turn out, but just know that you are not alone in feeling this way. In fact, it is normal to be uncertain about new ideas, new paths or visions.

Yet in these uncertainties, there are numerous opportunities to achieving your dreams and goals. Don’t let the anxieties that come with uncertainty cripple you from living your passion.

When you begin to live your passion, you will gain clarity, and you’ll be able to identify and seize the right opportunities.

12. You’ll Have Fewer Regrets Later In Life.

As Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do“. And it’s true!

Most people are often full of regrets for the things they didn’t end up doing – unfulfilled dreams, failed plans, wasted abilities are just some of the regrets that haunt them.

So think about this or moment, and just imagine how your life would be if you actually persued your calling.

Even if things don’t work out exactly as you thought they would, living your passion will give your life meaning, and you will have fewer regrets later on.

Following your purpose gives you freedom. Don’t allow the fear of failure and uncertainty to prevent you from being all you can be. The truth is that you are capable of achieving great success if you stay true and keep developing your skills and abilities. So, begin to gradually make the necessary changes needed to live your dreams.

You will be surprised at how far you can go! What do you think?
Are you ready to follow your passion and live your purpose? Are already doing it?