16 Things Money Can’t Buy

We talk A LOT about money, and we dedicate a great deal of time trying to make more of it – so we can spend it, invest or save it.

This makes money seem like the most valuable thing in the world… Don’t get me wrong, money is definitely important; it is after all, an essential aspect of survival.

We need money to buy food, shelter, clothes and every other material thing we need to survive. While having lots of money may give you a lot of privileges, when the euphoria of having ‘all that money can buy’ fades, you’d discover that there are certain things money just can’t get you.

Now let’s talk about the things that even the richest people on earth can’t buy with all the money they have!

1. Time.

No matter how rich you are, you can’t get back time once it’s gone. Many people sacrifice their time to pursue money, often at the expense of their personal life.

If you decide to spend the better part of your life working, missing important things, and putting off that vacation time – you may eventually become rich – but there’s no amount of money in the world that can bring back something you missed.

So, make sure you utilize the time you have wisely, and spend it on things that truly count.

2. Love.

It is said that money cannot buy love – and as cliché as that sounds, it is the truth.
One funny thing about love is that having too much money may even pose a difficulty to getting true love. Let me explain: everyone wants to associate with a successful person.

Because of this, it would be very difficult to find true love because you may not be able to differentiate between the people who love you for who you are, and those who love you for WHAT you are, or WHAT you have.

Hence, in the mind of most rich people, there is always this curiosity they have about the people who love them. There’s always this mind-boggling question… “Would this person love me if I didn’t have money?”

All the money in the world cannot cultivate solid relationships. You can shower people with gifts in a bid to get their love – but money is no replacement for the absence of love. You can’t buy your way into the heart of people.

Your money cannot make people empathize or care more than they already do. In fact, if they realize that you have so much money to dole out, they may just decide to use you and then dump you.

3. Truth.

As the saying goes, there is nothing hidden under the sun. Your wealth cannot cover up the truth forever.

Fine, you may be influential enough to suppress it for a while, but it cannot be erased completely. Somehow someday, the truth will come out and become clear for everyone to see. We can’t deny the fact that people use money to enforce their personal agenda, and they can spend a lot just to create prejudiced research that will reinforce their opinion – but it still cannot buy the truth.

Even in the justice system, you can use your money to bend the law to be in your favor, but as nature would have it, karma would cause you not to notice one tiny loophole; and it is that loophole that the truth would crawl out of, to stare you in the face.

4. Family.

The bond between family members can only be built and maintained with love, and not money.

Love is the most important binding factor for a family – and if you think otherwise, you better think again. Money can help support a family, yeah, that’s true, but it cannot make them love or care about you.

Your family should be your number one support system, so show them love rather than throw money at them. I’m not trying to say you should be stingy, but try to understand that when it comes to family, love is more important than money.

5. True Friends.

True friendship is not guaranteed by the number of people who gravitate towards you when there’s money. While you can pay for things hoping to make people your friends, don’t be surprised to find out that most of those people will disappear when you need them the most.

So, think about the kind of people you actually want to associate with – and learn to appreciate those who have stuck by you through thick and thin, because they are your real friends.

6. Talent.

Everyone is born with some sort of talent, and when it is properly nurtured and harnessed it can turn to a skill. Talent comes naturally.

No amount of money can buy it. This explains why many people spend their entire lives trying to learn how to play one instrument, while others, without a single lesson, belt out beautiful tunes.

Money may be used to nurture talent but that inborn capability is something you cannot purchase anywhere.

7. Inner Beauty.

Inner beauty is a reflection of who you are. No amount of money can transform your true character. You may decide to fake it, but how long can you hold on to living a fake life?

Wealth does not change who you are on the inside. There are so many people with little material possessions, but a beautiful and generous inner spirit.

8. Respect And Manners.

It is said that no one can change unless they choose to change. You can hire the best life coach and be with the nicest people, but if you’re not willing to put in the effort, your attitude will remain the same. In fact, money can make a person forget their manners because they feel like they don’t have to answer to anyone.

Having lots of money, doesn’t automatically mean you have class… Manners are one of those things money just can’t buy.

9. Common Sense.

Common sense, they say, is not common. There’s a reason why most lottery jackpot winners lose their money. Most have a common trait, lack of common sense.

You see, they have the money, but the sense to invest or use it wisely is direly lacking. As a matter of fact, the more money some people have, the more they tend to discard common sense. While common sense can be developed, no amount of money can buy it.

10. Acceptance.

The need to fit in is a struggle for a lot of people. This is why they spend money on the latest cars, trending clothes and designer shoes – just to look like their counterparts. The truth is, people will like the gimmicks you purchase, but the real you continues to suffer and wither.

If you truly want people to accept you, then consider making yourself valuable to them, be the friend they remember when they need to talk, be kind and helpful.

People will gravitate toward you because they know you, the real you – and they’ll accept you for who you are.

11. Success.

There are people who make every dime they have through bribes and all sorts of illegal deals and qualify it as success – but no one should aspire to climb up that way.

Money may help to purchase equipment you need to support your career, but it is the work you put in that will boost you to success. True success stems from hard work, dedication and determination.

12. Self Worth.

You cannot add value to yourself through material possessions. People will notice when you wave that expensive new watch in their face, but when you lose those possessions, your self-worth flies out the window, because instead of investing in yourself, you chose to flaunt riches.

13. Wisdom.

Wisdom is the application of knowledge and experience. If you lack wisdom, you cannot gain it by attending the best schools or acquiring the highest degrees.

True wisdom can only come through experience. You have to gain it – if you want to be wise, learn and practice.

14. Peace.

Peace is dependent on your state of mind, and not on material things. If it were, no rich person would ever die from a heart attack or complain of depression.

The only way to achieve inner peace is by accepting things as they are. You have to condition your mind and thoughts toward those things that bring you peace. Your money does not guarantee peace – your thoughts do.

15. Health.

No matter how rich you are, if you are suffering from a chronic disease, your money is practically useless. Your money may help you manage the condition, but that is all it can do. Ironically, people tend to work themselves to the ground in order to acquire more money, and then spend the rest of their lives using that money to pay for their medical bills.

Always keep in mind that health IS wealth. Even if you are hit with the worst economic downfall, if you’re healthy, you can always work and get back everything you lost.

16. Eternal Life.

Scientists have been working hard to find ways to extend human life, but so far, there has been no discoveries ensuring the immortality of mankind. Every person will expire at some point, in spite of how much wealth they have accumulated.

But if you live for what is right, true and lasting, then nothing can erase the fact that you lived – regardless how long or brief your life was. Just to make it clear, I’m not saying that you should give up your pursuit of money… You SHOULD strive to earn enough to support your family and secure your financial future.

But while you do this, remember to pause for a moment, and think about those things you would have – even if you had no money. Yes, money is important, but in the end, there are some things money just can’t buy – no matter how much you have!

What do you think? Is there anything else that money can’t buy?