11 values for success and happiness

everyone wants a life full of happiness and success and the possibility of having both is rather exciting, the good news is we can all maximize our happiness and success if we just learn how to tap into our values in life.

as they can directly impact the amount of happiness we experience and the success we create, so without further ado here are 11 values for success and happiness.

1. seek growth over perfection.

you might have heard the phrase there’s no such thing as perfection a million times over and that’s because it’s true, one of the most common things that can hold someone back from achieving their goal is the desire for perfection but really wanting every condition and step to be perfect is just another way to procrastinate.

it’s also usually a product of a universal fear of being judged by other people, trying to be perfect is only going to hold you back, your goal shouldn’t be perfection but growth and shifting your focus from one to the other will increase both your happiness and success.

when growth and improvement becomes the standard, your definition of success will also change and you’ll find yourself experiencing it more.

2. success is subjective.

this ties in with the previous point, a lack of fulfillment when trying to achieve your goals is usually caused by trying to chase someone else’s. definition of success society suggests that there is only one kind of success worth searching for, one that is financially focused and this drives us to compare ourselves to others.

we believe that someone else is more successful than we are simply because they have more money or a higher social standing, the problem with this idea is that every person is different and therefore our values and experiences are too.

some people put high value on money while others value freedom or time more, the best way to achieve the happiness and success you want is to start creating your definition of what being successful means to you. follow that instead of what you are told success is supposed to be.

3. patience really is a virtue.

living in a fast-paced society means that most people have adopted the i want it all and i want it now mindset, the art of patience has virtually been lost but most of the time that isn’t quite how life works; yes you can certainly have quick wins but that’s not the norm, don’t get me wrong having patience when it comes to achieving your goals doesn’t mean sitting around and waiting for everything to come to you.

taking action is a big part of getting what you want, however pushing to get to your destination won’t allow you to enjoy the journey, patience is a necessary virtue in crafting the kind of life you want.
finding the right balance of calculated action and patience will set you up for success.

4. take responsibility.

taking responsibility for your actions is a significant part of a happy successful life, personal responsibility is the key to having personal power, a lot of people are stuck in the victim mindset believing that things just happen to them and they have no say or part in the circumstances that arise.

they think that they are powerless to control their own life, by taking responsibility for all areas of your life you’re able to understand and use the power you have to change it for the better.
to get the life you want you must know the value of personal responsibility and make sure that it’s present in your life.

5. start before you’re ready.

people tend to waste a lot of time overthinking and over planning before they start something, the fear of failure and judgment is ingrained in most of us and it only adds to the desire for wanting everything to be perfect, but again there’s no such thing as perfection.

high achievers understand the value of preparation but they also understand the importance of getting started even if they don’t feel quite ready.

the truth is there will never be a right time to start anything no one is ever really prepared regardless of how much time they spend beforehand, so it’s best to start now.

6. happiness is a choice.

other than certain health issues that can cause a lack of happiness, unhappy people are usually that way because they choose to be. every decision you make from the people you surround yourself with to.

how you spend your time all impact your happiness to some degree but at the end of the day your happiness depends on you and only you.

when you wake up in the morning you get to make a simple choice, are you going to choose happiness or not, choose wisely.

7. seek discomfort.

if you want to be successful you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable just as accomplishing a fitness, goal requires you to put your body in a constant state of discomfort, achieving any goal in life requires you to get outside of your comfort zone.

you have to try new things and put yourself out there, it’s an integral part of personal growth once you learn the value of discomfort and seek it out.
it will help you open yourself to more opportunities that will lead to a more successful and happy life.

8. be authentic.

humans are social creatures and forming relationships is a crucial part of our survival, establishing meaningful bonds also contributes to the amount of happiness we experience in our lives. that being said there is also a lot of pressure to look, act, think and feel in certain ways to fit the standards set by society and it’s easy to get caught up in it; but true happiness, success and healthy relationships all require you to be your most authentic self.

pretending to be someone you’re not won’t make you happy so focus on connecting with who you truly are and what you hold to be most important and present yourself that way every day.

9. honesty is the best policy.

honesty is one of the hardest values to recognize and follow through on but the simple saying honesty is the best policy, is all too true i mean you wouldn’t want to spend time on people who are just going to cheat and lie to you right!

it really is a no-brainer a life full of dishonesty cannot coexist with one of happiness and success, therefore honesty must be something you value greatly.

10. respect yourself.

self-deprecation is common in our society often people treat others better than they treat themselves but if you want happiness and success in your life that must change, take better care of yourself.

speak to and of yourself with respect and understand that you deserve healthy relationships, just think about it if you don’t respect yourself why would anyone else.

11. live your purpose.

we’re all equipped with skills and abilities to impact the world in our own unique ways, yet most people are not living a life of purpose they try so hard to meet the standards of society that they don’t achieve.

the success right for them and as a result they are left feeling unfulfilled and that’s the reason why the vast majority of people don’t like their jobs; of course your career isn’t the only part of your purpose but it is a significant portion of it.

if you want to be successful and happy, connecting with your purpose is one of the most important values you should hold. many factors determine the amount of success and happiness you have in your life.

the key is to understand that those things are created meaning you have control over them, despite how much you think you don’t. your control over your life never wavers and you’re never just a bystander in your own experiences.

however you must identify and set values in order to actively take control, maybe you identify with the values listed here or there are others that you hold dear, either way figure out which ones are most important to you.
if you can do that and stick to those values you’ll find your life will become abundant in the success you’ve worked for and the happiness you crave.